I didn't see a thread about the http://linkinpark.com/message page, so here ya go. This is the place to discuss all new messages and puzzles on that page. Enjoy.

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xD now I see it :P,,, i was tired hahaha
I wanna hear Chester screaming more ...like he did at the first albums xD
Plz Chess..scream more, and Mike do more rap songs. I wanna see you like you were at the beginning!!!
Love you guys ♥
ehhh...I don't understand it...xD haha
I know what the message it means: is the Linkin Park LOGO, SYMBOL, your stamp! Am I right?

Mary Benn said:
I'm a little lost in here.. I'm new with this.. is this Mike who starts these discussions? The real Mike?
it is LP logo!!
Well, I rode the puzzle and I'm sure that is the logo of LP. If not, resulted it right! Ha.

Mike Shinoda said:
It might be a good idea for you guys to slow down, and think a bit longer before you post. Ha.
I think is realy the LP simbol like this one:
когда linkin park наконец приедет в Украину!!!!!!!!!!Мы очень ждём!:)

For me this album represents several things; From a completely Right brain perspective; 


1) Hologram/Holographic World we live in. (Album Cover) & Catalyst Video (1:33  Broken Transmission/Interference).

2) Black Hole = Power of "A Thousand Suns". (Black hole war - Leonard Susskind)

3) NWO - Powerful Groups controlling the world and the people that live in it. (Police States) "God bless us every one, We're a broken people living under loaded gun, And it can't be outfought, It can't be outdone,  It can't be outmatched, It can't be outrun.  See "Wretches and Kings"...

4) The Industry and trying to break free. See "When they Come for Me"


and many other symbols and references. You just have to look very carefully. ;)


Hey Mike!!!! Im such a huge fan!!! I saw you guys live in St.Paul and i loved every minute of it!!! I was screaming so loud i could barely talk this morning! if you reply to this i would be so happy!!!!!


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