I didn't see a thread about the http://linkinpark.com/message page, so here ya go. This is the place to discuss all new messages and puzzles on that page. Enjoy.

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I think you're supposed to trace the 1's!
no supernova was postet yesterdy but mike sayd it's wrong
i bet ya its gonna be a message about the new album or smthin :D
En LPLive.net se han puesto a la tarea, y tras traducir el código binario ha resultado lo siguiente: “Falls la luminosité de var to ontplof edastada sekaligus airean, that sería kuin de pracht come yang kuat. Lo sono mä5´ig, terra-zerstören tyd.” Al parecer se trata de una frase compuesta de palabras en diferentes lenguas.
El significado vendría a ser algo así: “Al final del verano, todo explotará con un lanzamiento que será de un gran esplendor y fuerza, como la luz. El sonido será potente y rompedor como no ha habido hasta ahora.”

PLive.net have been to the task, and after translating the binary has been the following: Falls la luminosité de var to ontplof edastada sekaligus airean, that sería kuin de pracht come yang kuat. Lo sono mä5´ig, terra-zerstören tyd."
Apparently it's a phrase consists of words in different languages.
The meaning would be something like: "at the end of the summer, all explode with a release which will be a great splendour and force, as the light." "The sound is powerful and groundbreaking and it has not so far been."
Or maybe they're just telling us the song "Eclipse", "Supernova", or... is coming out on July 11th.
A large explosion at the end of the summer... A groundbreaking sound, great splendor....
It almost sounds like a volcano...?
It seems we're all getting different translations. But they all have something to do with bright lights, explosions, and loud sounds.
When I tried to translate, I got something that contained something along the lines of this:
"They both explode in the air at the same time." Or something similar.
But there are a lot of things that explode, make loud sounds, and create bright lights...
At least we can all probably agree on the explosions part.....
Dunno if anyone's noticed, but LP Association's got a pretty good interpretation.

Has a face ?! O.o'
if the new album is supernova that would be insane!!!
of course everyone starts talking about supernova after I mention it on page 29! lol.
I am stiil insistent that this is about your art. When we look at it with narrowed eyes, some images emerge through the numbers and they seem like slanted columns. I also see images like deers on the right side which is a bit shady.Numbers have different function here. Zeros are used for the bright side of the image and '111' make the outlines of the image.'111' number one is the only place where we can see the reflection of the dark background...:)))))

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