I attended the Oberursel concert on June, 19th and purchased the live show via "Tour - Live Downloads".

It was my understanding, that this would be a video download, but I was only able to download mp3 files and a few jpg files. At the end of the show, there was specific advertisement for the video download (if I remember it right). Someone told me, that a video download is only possible for LPU members (which I am). Is this true? Can anyone help? Thanks in advance!

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i have the same problem. i would like to get the munich video but i haven´t found the link yet.


Same here. A big "missunderstanding"! i thought it was a live-video download. i dont need the live mp3, cause i have almost all cd´s and dvd´s from LP. But i really NEED the munich video, cause i think, i am ON it. how can i get it?


thank you and greetings - alex

i was writing to LP too, but got no answer. sad! :-(

Hey all

i'm also very sad about the mp3 to download it from st. gallen, switzerland...

it clearly was written down to get the tour video of the concert after the event on linkinpark.com...bout it and just mp3 (I have enough of it) and some really low quality pictures of the band and 1 of the crowd...so...


As alexander, i'm also thinking that I would be on the video of this event, i was in the very first line (always at every event of LP in switzerland) and grabbed the drumstick of rob after the 2nd song (faint it was right? :D)...

so, if you can do something to make lp fans really happy, do it...thanks a lot and greetings from switzerland


Grüsse auch an die Kollegen von Deutschland ;))


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