Which one do you like better? Personally I like Road to Revolution just because of the mix of old and new songs, and Jay-Z was there. But that's just me. What's your favorite?

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Live in Texas. Better live performance, they dont look as good live now as they used to. And LiT has pushing me away reanimation version which is the best thing ever. Wish they'd ditch the piano version *which is still very good* and play the reanimation version...simply amazing.
LIT was amazing

RTR was nice...but didn't live up to LIT (even with more people) - although there was an epic solo by Rob (and Jay-Z...yes)

That's a tough choice. On the one hand, LiT had P5hng Me A*wy and an epic performance of One Step Closer (Reanimation bridge, yesss). On the other, RtR had Jay-Z and Rob's drum solo in Bleed It Out...


I can't decide. XD

They both are amazing live albums. Though I will go with Road to Revolution. I don't know why, I just like it more. Though Chester did a way better job in Live in Texas. Chester didn't scream at his fullest on Road to Revolution. Though they both are great. Hopefully they will release another live album from their current tour.


TBH I prefer Rock am Ring 04 over both.
Live In Texas was probably a little better the Road To Revolution, but both were fantastic! can't wait for a new Live DVD.
In my opinion RTR is performed better than LIT. I think their live shows get better by the time. (I love the Madrid dvd even more!)
Their next live album should be: LINKIN PARK - LIVE AT ROCK WERCHTER xD
BTW, on Road To Revolution, I really love the outro of Points Of Authority, with Mike's verse from There They Go...

Road to revolution defenently!

The preformance was perfect and the atmosphere was amazing

Live In Texas!!!!!
I'm not sure- honestly Chester's voice sounds better in Live In Texas but looks better in Road To Revolution but that shouldn't matter because their amazing no matter what they do!!

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