which concert linkin park performed the reanimation's LIVE on stage ?

i know til now (p5hng me A*wy) live in Texas  , so who know else that song ?

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That was the only Reanimation song that was performed regularly at any point. FRGT/10 was performed once in 2005, and ENTH E ND was a regular song in Fort Minor's live sets but never performed by Linkin Park. That's it as far as full songs go...parts of WTH>YOU, KRWLNG, and 1 STP KLOSR were also incorporated into live performances of With You, Crawling, and One Step Closer at various points.

I was wondering the same thing so on youtube I found Frgt/10 but thats it other videos say plc4miehaed but really wasn't it was just like a video with the studio song the Frgt/100 song was a real concert

I know it

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