Hi guys, I'm just wondering if any of you who preordered the album received a mail for the download of the 2nd remixed song since it's July already. I only received 1 which is Burn it Down (RAC mix).

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I just received the redeem code for the second remix.

But I wonder why I didn't received the first one. Do you know if there's a know issue about it, or how I can have my first code? Thanks!


I read somewhere else in the forum that you can send an email to the Warner artist's customer service if you should not receive your code. customerservice@warnerartists.net

This is what I just did. We'll see if they will send me the code or not. But it seemed to have already worked for other people with the same problem.

Thanks for your reply, it seems that codes were sent until the 7th since I got it the same day as you, I thought there was a problem since the 1st remix was sent on the 1st day of June.

I'll keep the e-mail address you shared, in case I have a problem with the rest of the downloads. Thank you

i didn't get the rac remix.

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