so what lp concerts have you gone to that just blew u away or any great lp eperiences?

my first time seeing lp was at epicenter 09 in august. the experience was amazing they played all of my fav songs and it was just Mezmerizing. i hope to see them again soon and i cant wait till their next album.

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Saw them in 2008 for Project Revolution they were amazing they played all of MTM and all there old songs like high voltage, step up et. Also got to see Fort Minor play OMG that was like breath taking that was even b4 LP got on stage. Where me and my friend were standing we were in the right place at the right time. I was chatting with my friend as she went dead silent and I look to my right and there was Ryu and Cheap standing right beside, me first had to collect myself than we talked to them and Apathy for a little while. That between like a small gate and Ryu and Cheap was Shinoda signing stuff, as he was making is way down the line of fans getting stuff signed talked with Anna for a little while and everyone else and mike signed my bag which had my LP sweater in it that I bought. It was crazy ! will never forget that day at all
I've been at Moscow gig in June, 2007. It was a couple of months after M2M release and it seemed i was the only one who knew M2M lyrics by heart but of HT and Meteora only refrains ))) The greatest performance was No More Sorrow and Pushing Me Away. The hall was like a roaring thunder all the gig thru, it's incredible! I bought Atomic Age t-shirt.
I saw them at the Quebec city summer fest in july 2008 it was one of the best day of my life :D, I'm not sure but I think it was the first time LP play in Quebec city. it was an outside show, it was raining, my friend and I waited for 4 hours juste to be near the stage, and we were :D. Brad was wearing a yellow poncho, it was really funny, When I got home I was as wet as if I had taken a shower with my cloths on but It totally worth it. LP are just incredible live, I wish I can see them live again.
cant wait for them to come to canda again
My first time seeing them was 2009. They were playing 2 special concerts here in germany. Im a fan since day 1. So it was a long waiting till i saw them xD. But it was a unforgetabble experience.
Saw them live in sheffield 25th january 2007, i luved every second of it. Biffy clyro were ok but then LP blew my mind away!
Hannover 16.01.2008.....a place for my head "premiere"..........epic
Denmark may 4
Skive Beach Party
I've never seen you live!!! I'm almost dying to see u.. when are you coming to south america? I'm from Buenos Aires Argentina
My first Linkin Park concert was on the 29th June, 08 and it was a birthday present for me turning 17. I would never have even known about the concert, if a friend had pointed out the ad in our local paper. When he told me Linkin Park would be playing Milton Keynes, I thought it was lying to wind me up. Turns out I was wrong.

Anyway, I was all set to pay for the tickets myself. I'd been dying to see LP for a while, and now they were playing a gig right near my home. It was like a God-sent gift and I wasn't going to ignore it. But my dad said he'd pay and it would be a birthday present. Best birthday present EVER! It was an amazing day and the music was breathtaking and the show mesmerizing, like lpalltheway said.

I've been a fan of Pendulum and InnerPartySystem ever since. And I would love to see Linkin Park again. I should be going to see Dead By Sunrise next month!
My first time seeing LP was in 2009 Salt Lake City, Utah. Great experiance
None, but whenever I see them on Youtube, TV etc, I am always amazed!

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