so what lp concerts have you gone to that just blew u away or any great lp eperiences?

my first time seeing lp was at epicenter 09 in august. the experience was amazing they played all of my fav songs and it was just Mezmerizing. i hope to see them again soon and i cant wait till their next album.

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LP concerts are the best! My best memory I had with a LP is concert is the first one I ever went to I was so excited and when we got there something went wrong with our tickets and they lost them or something and we couldn't get them and I was so pissed off and didn't have the money to get more tickets and it didn't look like we were gonna get in but I was wrong by the grace of GOD a Linkin Park staff member comes up to us and helps us and let's us all in for only 10$ for all of us I was so happy we got in and it was the most amazing concert I have been to! There was some drunk guy in front of me who almost fell on me that was funny though! Such a good crowd as well they were all fun and we were all singing along to all the songs! I can't wait for the new album and LP starts touring again! LP 4 LIFE!!!
can't hardly wait for their next album
dede sung said:
can't hardly wait for their next album
Good to know, but that's something to say in a thread regarding the new album. ;^
STILL WAITING FOR A CONCERT IN INDIA!!!!!....ur biggest fanbase on the planet!!!!!
i've saw them in January 2008 and Juli 2009! both were amazing.
2008 was my first. i was so nervous when they came on stage, oh my god my whole body shaked all the time. i thought what the hell is going on with me? :D it was just amazing. all had a good mood, especially Mike he smiled all the time. chester came down to the crowed.

2009 it was in zurich. was also great, but they haven't talked with as which was a bit dissapointing.

so for 2010 i'll see DBS live in zurich at 02/23/2010.
Saw them for the first and only time in sweden Globen 2007. The best memory of it must be Breaking the Habit. They started the opening with just Chester singing it like a ballad and Mike played piano to it. Gave me some real goosebumps! After they had reached like the second verse they started over and did it normally. Was magical
my first gig was linkin park in dublin, ireland 2008 i think it was. was a great show and i want to see them again :D
I saw all the concerts in Portugal, I already got 5. They are the best! memorable!
I live in South Africa and it would bloody awesome to see LP rocking in South Africa. They have so many fans over here.
29th June 2008 Projekt Revolution live at Milton Keynes, probably one of the best days of my life so far! Linkin Park, Jay-Z and Pendulum all in one concert ouchh! Linkin Park took the show that day, awesome stuff!
(sorry for my very bad english, i'm french...)

I saw linkin park two times : during the projekt revolution ( dusseldorf in 2008) and during 2009 at stuttgart. I like your musics and I like your lives. I think that I would see a other live.

A french fan.
Madrid 2008

Amazing, I had Mike in front of me and I couldn't stop crying. Best day of my life.

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