so what lp concerts have you gone to that just blew u away or any great lp eperiences?

my first time seeing lp was at epicenter 09 in august. the experience was amazing they played all of my fav songs and it was just Mezmerizing. i hope to see them again soon and i cant wait till their next album.

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Hey come to Augusta
i have been only to one. i would really like to go to more. i went to the projekt rev concert in troy, wi on august 18,2008. it was amazing. one of the best shows ive ever been to.
I have only seen em live once: RDS Arena, Dublin, June 2008... Second row by the center... It was TOTALLY worth the 11hours waiting in queue that I did :D

To put it in one word: best!
First time I saw them it was at Rock am Ring, but it wont be my last :D But they need to come to Holland!!
I've never seen you live!!! I'm almost dying to see u.. When are you coming to South America? [2] I'm from Porto Alegre, Brazil... Please LP, come to Brazil! :)
I was at the LP concert in 19th July 2009 in İstanbul Rock'n Coke Festival. It was the first and the only LP concert I've been. It was unforgettable I was in the front raw.There was 50.000 people at the back of us.LP showed a great performance as we expect. After the concert they threw some LP items to the crowd and I managed to catch a drumstick with my 1.86 meters height :D Everyone around me saw that and rushed on me but I beat off them :D It was a great night...
Linkin Park Visiting Everywhere..Any plans of coming to india...?
London O2 Arena, January 2008.
Simply mind-blowing.
Moore Theater, Seattle 2002
Meteora Tour, Seattle, 2003 (this one was the best, mostly because it was the first time I got to go to a Meet & Greet, and also because they played My December)
Epicenter 09, Pomona, 2009

If they don't come to Seattle on the next tour I will travel to see them again. California would be easiest for me (right down the coast), but I really don't care. I'll fly where I have to!
i saw them in tokyo in november, 2007
it was effing amazing!!
to everyone who hasn't been to a lp concert, it was one of the best experiences in my life!!!
the athmosphere & the people... omg!!!
whenever i think about it i could start... no idea, i'm just sooooooo happy!!
it's such a great memory :D
chesters singing is just the same as on an album, he is one of the worlds best live artists !!!
but some advice: check which bands play as the opening acts
i was kind of lucky on the one hand because yellowcard played, but on the other hand there was this reaaaaally annoying japanese band!!
they were sreaming their heads off & you couldn't even understand one word!!
my friends & i stuffed tissues into our ears because we couldn't take it anymore!!
but lp was sooooooooooooooo good <3 <3 <3 <3
I saw LP 27th Jan 2008 in Manchester - was amazing, loved every second n every song! only frustrating thing was we had seats and the whole time I was wishing we were down there standin!!! Cannot wait till they come to UK again. :-)
Austria (Graz)
23.07.2009 <3
it was aaaaaaaaawesome!

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