When I lived in Irvine, I had a friend who had a ton of Linkin Park shirts. She took to me a concert at Verizon Amphitheater! Anyone else go to that show in 2003?

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My friend and I really wanted to go to see LP at Projekt Rev, but my friends mom was mad so she wasn't going to get them and let us go. However, the day before the concert she magically showed up with them. I don't remember which day it was I just know it was the summer of '08. The concert was amazing and ever since then Faint has become my favorite song just because of the live version. I will never forget that concert because that was the first and only time I had ever seen LP. Also there was a massive downpour with lightning and thunder, but we stayed even though we were so far back in the field and not seats under a canopy and they all looked like little people jumping around. This year I'm hoping to get tickets so I can see them again. They were so utterly amazing.
Columbus, Cincinnati and Indy...loved them ALL.  Was going to this years in Cincy, but, sadly, at $72.50 plus fees for ONE ticket?  Sorry guys, but you just out priced yourself, even for me.  I won't be seeing you again until your prices are at least REASONABLE,sad to say
The first time I saw LP perform was right here in NYC for the free concert for the LPU at Roseland. Then I saw them again in January 2004 (today is actually the anniversary :) )at Nassau Coliseum (it was an ice storm just like today lol, uhm then again in for Summer Sanitarium with Metallica at Giants Stadium. Also in 2007 for Projekt Revolution in Jones Beach and again in 2008 at MSG and the 08 PR. That was the last time I saw them. Didn't know about the ATS show at Best Buy Theatre until it was too late (no tixs) so I'm pumped for the MSG show.  Wonder what's going to happen this time (last time Jay Z came onstage toward the end of the show awesome!) 17 more days awww
Haha yeah I still have my ticket to Projekt Rev '07, the parking pass, and the shirts I got. Its awesome to be able to look at them and instantly remember what it felt like. I remember not being able to talk for a week after that concert, it was kinda hard because I started marching band practice the day after the concert. I still listen to the recording I have of the show and I get chills every single time. :)

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 I got home and I spent the next 2 hours afterward working on a scrapbook which I put the M&G pass, the acceptance confirmation, the card, and the tix to the show. I still have it too ^_^

Greetings All

At the San Jose concert at the Pavillion when the sound system went down LP played an ACOUSTIC song

any clue as to what the song was??????

At first i thought LP was a bunch of head bangers but after going ACOUSTIC at the show I realize that these guys have  skills and talent.












I forget what concert it was, but my little sister was walking around looking for a camera she lost, and when she found it, bent down to pick it up, and looked back up, Linkin Park was standing right in front of her. She had no words, and Chester called her cute. We got good genes.
<b>Watch Online: Linkin Park - Live at Rock Am Ring 2007</b><a href='http://www.videobb.com/video/AwVKWH73ci3O' target='_blank'><br>http://www.videobb.com/video/AwVKWH73ci3O</a>;

Linkin park in Russia,Moscow...

superb concert....rocking concert ever i saw....

u rock!


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I attended my first Linkin Park back in February of 2011 at the MSG show in New York. I got the tickets from winning a radio contest. It was also the first time I attended a rock concert in the winter, so I was concerned about the weather but thank God the weather co operated that night. When I learned we were all gonna be on TV, I was excited, I knew I couldn't have picked a greater first Linkin Park concert experience than that. I felt like a kid on Christmas morning it was so much fun. I did cry a little when they launched into their slower songs like "From The Inside" and "Iridescent" they were that good. The show however did go so fast for me. But I wouldn't trade this night for anything. I hope I get to go again in the future.


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