When I lived in Irvine, I had a friend who had a ton of Linkin Park shirts. She took to me a concert at Verizon Amphitheater! Anyone else go to that show in 2003?

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I went to that tour in 2003, lol. But I saw them in Seattle, not CA!
(as posted in the LPU "How Far Have You Traveled For Linkin Park?" thread :P )

my parents had gotten me tix to go see them in Columbus, OH for the 1/25/04 show (Meteora World Tour) ... which happened to be my 21st birthday and the first concert I had ever been to. OMFG it was great.... I couldn't think of what to have them sign though at the M&G.... I was going to have them sign a new copy of HT (yeah I know I should have done Meteora...) but anyway, I decided on this cheesy ass birthday card... after all it was my birthday. I was hoping that someone may have picked up on the hint and asked if it was my birthday..... but I don't think they did.... the only one that took a second look at the card, was Phoenix... but I think that was because, Rob was next in line (and as most all of us know, his birthday was 5 days prior :P)

Anyway, show kicked ass [especially when Mike made (oh shit, brain fart....) Mark, yeah :P, when he made Mark come up and play Brad's part in Faint and of course sang happy birthday to him [I was clear in the top section, so far away, so good thing Mike didn't say anything about it being my birthday either :D] ...... though I wasn't able to have my first legal alcoholic beverage :( and, well, I think they may have cut the show a little short... see, while we were rockin inside [and trust me we was rockin], Old Man Winter was kickin ass outside and it got to the point that they (the City of Columbus, OH) almost shut down all travel, thus stranding my dad and I (180 miles away from home mind you) and the band too...... but yeah, it all worked out ok, dad and I got home and I spent the next 2 hours afterward working on a scrapbook which I put the M&G pass, the acceptance confirmation, the card, and the tix to the show. I still have it too ^_^
I was in three shows so far :)

Poland, Chorzow 13.6.2007
Czech Republic, Brno 17.6.2008
Germany, Munchen 21.6.2008

Well the third show was only four days later than the second one...it was hard for traveling and sutff...but it was the best time !! :)
I went to Projekt Revolution in Tampa, FL in 2008 and OMG it was absolutely amazing. I literally almost started crying when I saw them up there cause, well, I was going through a difficult time back then, and that coming along was like the beginning to all my problems fading away, I thought. At least for a night. <3
In a nut-shell. I live in Canada I went to Project. Rev, with my dad because word my dad likes My Chemical Romance and LP too ! It was the best concert ever!
I've been to
Rock am Ring 2007 (First Festival Experience, was great!)
Zurich 2007 (Best show I've seen of LP so far, though I was sitting)
Basel 2008 (Also a great show, but Julien-K were announced but they didn't come)
Düsseldorf 2008 (Nice show but lame crowd. They weren't rocking so I didn't feel like beeing at a concert)
Zurich 2009 (This show was less about LP than about rocking out with fans. It was pretty cool!)
Stuttgart 2009 (Sick people! It was so fun! Dead by Sunrise were great too)
Gräfenhainichen 2009 (Awesome venue and I met awesome people on the way I rocked out with)
I saw linkin park in Nashville, TN in 2004 it was one of the best concerts I have ever been too. They have helped me in so many stages of my life, Thanks guys! Your the best! And I can't wait to see you again!
My name is Alex. I live in Ukraine. I would like to start organizing the concert LP in the capital Kiev, and possibly in my hometown of Odessa. Can I send e-mail from someone you can talk about the concerts, or if you have this information you can write your conditions to kaiser91@list.ru
When you can come again to Italy? And if you can came in Italy You can come to Bari?
You are the best!

(excuse me for the grammar errors XD)
can someone plz help me out with the skate deck thng r the signaturees handwritten by lp themselves???

Tiernan (Moderator) said:
I went to that tour in 2003, lol. But I saw them in Seattle, not CA!
I took 8 days off three jobs to see them in Mansfield Mass. in July 2004. My friends and I drove from our home town of Halifax Nova Scotia, we Stopped in Maine for the night because we only had one driver. the concert was a Projeckt Revolution Tour Korn, and Snoop Dogg were there too. It was a wild concert but the trip itself was maddening. The alternator blew in the car and we had to use my friends parents master card to get it fixed. then the hotel over charged my visa and my father kept calling my cell phone every half hour. the bill was almost 500 dollars.
But this year I am really hoping for a tour date closer to Halifax, I will be in school so I know I won't be able to get that much time off. But it will be the same thing that almost always happens. Big bands think that Canada ends at Toronto. but there is always hope. Have they announced their North American Tour yet? I only see 2 days in the states and Europe and south America.
Me too.. whoot woot!
Seattle fans.. we rock!

Boy.... do I have a story to tell...

July 25, 2007..

White River Amphitheater

I'll never forget that amazing day!
(All my words are 100% true/fact.. I swear on my families lives and the lives of my pets.. okay!?.. no joke!!)

I ran into Joe when he was talking to the sound tech guys.
I just happened to be walking out of the amphitheater with my little sister to get water..
and Joe was just leaving too.. at the perfect.. exact time.. XD
I was walking past him and the second I saw him I new it was him.. I froze.. but kept walking to act "natural" (ya right).
Joe looked back to some security looking dude, doing some kind of telepathic communication..
as if saying "You want me to get security?" lol and Joe shook his head no.. hehe..
I kept walking slowly and looking back as if in a dream..
with my hand over my mouth trying not to scream, and contain myself..
(it was so hard!.. it felt like time slowed down)
and I tried to not alert other fans into a stampede or something..
Then Joe actually jogged up to me, touched my shoulder and
did some weird "Blaaahhh" scream thing.

And I was just too shocked for words.. I just did a silent scream and covered my huge smile.. lol
*sigh* man....... to this day.. (I wish I got his autograph to prove it) I had a silver sharpie in my pocket..
(I was wearing their black sweater with their faces on it) .. and I wanted to get his autograph!!.. =/
But I didn't.. I tried.. I then quickly walked after him to hopefully quickly snag an autograph,,
but my cruel, little sister kept pulling me back.. maybe it was for the best...
cuz then everyone would of wanted it right?..... *sigh* .. oh well...
I WILL meet them!!!!.......... HOPEFULLY THIS JUNE 4th!!!.. WHEN THEY COME TO SEATTLE AGAIN!!!!!

ksegbhiswbgsdf sw dfb XD

I hope when I meet them, he'll remember me.
Also, Chester and I had some mad eye contact
when LP was saying farewell to their fans..
(I kissed my hands and blew kisses to him,
*as he usually does* and he did it right after I did, after starring at me for at least 30 some secs.)
I swear on my life.. no joke.. it was the best night of my life.
I bet a lot of people say that, but it really happened..

Maybe... he wasn't starring right me.. but I looked behind me..
I was in the last row (right side) of the front seated section..
right behind the mosh pit.. those lucky b*****!.. lol.. with all the other LPU members that bought their tickets early.. behind me was an even higher level of thousands of fans... probably the general public tickets..
But I swear... I'm not crazy.. this happened.. I'm soooooooooooooooo thankful that it did..
Thank you Chester for looking at me... I'm realllly pale so I probably stuck out really well.. haha..
But thanks for looking at me and making my life happy for a couple years!!..
things have been really going downhill again..
I need you guys to play here, have me see you and MEET you!!!..
to try to erase all the damage I've been through and I am trying to LET IT GO...
But.. it's soooo damn hard to let go of the past... arrrg!!
kabfbhadfhafvhjfv $%^&$#^

But anyways.... *deep breath*..

Was anybody else at that amazing concert?!?!?
I really liked the white current falling down when they
got to the big climax.. of I think it was.. Papercut? or One Step Closer.. something..
I have a video of it.. I'll soon post it! =)
Awe.... man...... gooooood times.... good f**** times....


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