I'm looking for LP fans from Belgium (like me =p) who are also active within the LP/LPU community. (With "active", I mean posting regularly or often being engaged with band-related stuff online, but I think it's obvious you belong to this from the moment you reply to this ^^)

I know we have a quite big unit of Belgian Linkin Park fans, it's just not easy to find them! Even though many of you might been to Rock Werchter this summer to see our favorite band (who did an incredible show btw!)


So, if you're from Belgium, and you consider yourself a huge fan, feel free to reply to this.
It would be great to hear from you...


Thanks a lot!

An (LPUer from Leuven BE)


Ps: Our 'official' fansite (linkinparkbelgium.be), is being inactive for a while now, but soon under construction. In the meantime you can share fan stuff on LP.com and Facebook groups: Linkin Park Belgium, or via Twitter page: @LPBelgium ...

Ps(2): Ok, sorry if I might posted this in the wrong category, it took me a while to discover it though xp

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