Hi all, I am not a hardcore LP fan but I do like pretty much eveerything I have heard from them. My daughter, however, will not listen to any music other than Linkin Park, so the CDs are on constantly in the car (she is two and a half, but very opinionated when it comes to music). I have managed to scrape together video clips, etc. from youtube and elsewhere on the net, but the quality is never brilliant and there are often sync problems. The only DVD or Blu-Ray that I seem to be able to find anywhere is the live concert in Milton Keynes (UK). Is there no compilation DVD out there with just the music videos on? If not, does anyone know of any plans to release one?



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sorry, but LP's music videos are all just separately sold and you'd have to buy them all separately. Unless you were to use specific websites (that i will not name) to download them you got no choice but to go on itunes or something for download. LP does also have a few other video packages like Live in Milton Keynes like Live in Texas and Pancake Fest.
the iTunes videos, any idea if they are good enough quality to watch on a big screen or do they just look like youtube vids?
let's see, i personally own a few videos from itunes. Their quality is so so....only good enough for a 24in tv probably. On a big screen it could possible look good or it could be a bit blurry. I have not personally ever watched it on my flat screen tv, but the videos are made to be capable of being watched on tv so possibly. But, if u were to use keepvid.com and use a youtube hd video download of linkin park videos which theres plenty...the quality will be great hd. and if u do use this way, when searching for the video u may have to try multiple times and refresh because it takes some work to get it to work.

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