As much as it hurts me, the new songs that LP are giving us are full of commercial bulls**t... They are deep, they sound great, but they are not real... something is missing.. and my personal opinion is that it is the soul, the meaning... I need my inspiration.. please LP, stop trying to indulge the public, do your own thing, we love you as you are... be real, be the LP the world loves... you are great :)

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It's called, Evolution. Be more open minded. Their new album is different, but still good. It is more creative and intelligent.  Just doesn't have the same angst as the first two. I'd like to see them do another collision course type thing with someone, then a new album. How about a remix of one of their old songs with Skrillex. I think they would go well with each other.


PS Feel better Chester!

Yes, I agree, they evolved... the message in all of LP's new songs is grand, it's about things that are very important, I like what they are trying to do :)

Still, I miss the good old Linkin Park, where the message was personal, I miss their soul... they are so good at expressing their soul... and lately, I find their new songs more public related, they miss the personal touch... this is just my opinion, but it is what made me start this discussion in the first place... I want to be in touch with the personalities of LP, I loved them from the start, they were all deep integrated in all of their old songs... and recently, it feels like this touch is lost...

I think LP needs to have another 5 song free EP like what they did a while ago

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