Post your interesting LP pics here. The pics of LP that u think might be interesting 4 the others. Pics of your LP stuff, pics of the related things u find out there, or whatever...!! So that any new member or other friends can open here and find many interesting pics to see.

As i love photography, im starting this discussion. Actually this is an album rather than a discussion! This is what i wished mike to create! :-/

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commentam parid:(( now, baraye 3vomin bar!!!

urw Ali, and also thnx for starting this discussion and it seems so innovative:)

Mido thanx for the pix, i love em;)

Mania, i love the pix, thnx... and hey, ur right!!!! but Otis is more than googooli... he's lopcheshuni, and i love to bite all over his "kopol" body!!!:D:D

Mike!! look at him!! lol

Thank u zahra.q 4 pics, I love 1st one! That is awesome!
Chesters child! XD

And last one reminds me of Doreye Rahnamai! When i was 13 miraftim video club PS1 bazi mikardim! XD Inam meske hamun doras!

Isnt he Freaken Awesome????
Yeah i love them, i dont know why. But i just love them! :-/

So u noticed mania! Yes, his my LP fan cousin! That was his funniest figure i've ever seen, so we decided to make a funny thing with that! It was last summer, yadesh bekheir!
Omggggggggggggggg!!!! Maniaaa! :O These pics.... oh im gonna die, ive never seen them before! I love them all! :O Im saving them, thanks!!!
Last post!!! :D :D :D Fun fun! Im laughing! XD
Some Chazy stuff!

Mike and Ana looking crazy! Lovely!!! XD

Two other Otist stuff!

This is the first picture I've seen from LP!!!

oh my gosh....mania....i love the last pic....wo0o0o0o0o0ow... ali tnx for ur pic....about chester....i love chester....

sorry guys....i don't have a lot of pic from LP....i'll try to find more and put them here....


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