Post your interesting LP pics here. The pics of LP that u think might be interesting 4 the others. Pics of your LP stuff, pics of the related things u find out there, or whatever...!! So that any new member or other friends can open here and find many interesting pics to see.

As i love photography, im starting this discussion. Actually this is an album rather than a discussion! This is what i wished mike to create! :-/

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Such a nice black and white pic pouria! It had gr8 mozuEyat too, wow!

This is the first LP pic i saw:

I remember those days i was thinkin that their rapper and vocalist r the same person!!! I was just wondering which of them was that vocalist! XD

And mido thank u sooo much 4 uploading pics :)

Do the worked with Snoop Dogg???????
this was my first pic

mikes shirt XDXD

Thank u negin 4 the pics, like them sooooooo much!
Is that Brad there moving his head? What a nice pic!

Look at chester in the last pic, he is like brus lee! XD
Mania the 1st pic of u is really nice, look every one looks like so furious there, but Rob is just like a 9years old boy! XD

And all other pics u uploaded, gr88888,im saving them all! :P

The wallpaper u designed!! :O Look at the black and dirt style!! Did u really do it?? U seem to be an artist, dont u have any art gallery there?? XD loved it!

Mido and Pouria, i just saw u wonderful pics now!!!! Thank u!
Pouria whos that little baby?? XD
And is that little boy Chester??????? I feel he is! It seems that u r interested in band members biographys!!
yeah Ali that kid is chester che bamaze bude,na??

apparently Chester is a left-handed:

and his friends:

chandta ax ham az mike:

Nice picsssss pouria, thank u so much! Im still saving!! XD

Yes litte chester's pic was wonderful, loved it!!

Your 4th pic of today, im in love with it! And what r those things in the last pic?? R they Fish?? XD
Some new LP stuff!!

i dont know how i uplouded this cuz i cant upload anything else XD i love this pic



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