Hey guys, on Novemeber 9th I saw Linkin Park live at birmingham, needless to say I was very excited to see the live recordings

So i bought one and just downloaded it, now trying to burn the songs to the CD, the songs are too large to all fit on the CD? 

Is it just me getting this? Anything I can do to fix it?

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burn it onto a DVD. it has more memory

^_^ said:
burn it onto a DVD. it has more memory

Thanks, I'll have to go and buy a DVD now :P, so it isn't just me getting the issue but the CD is actually too small?
use itunes, and burn it as a .mp3 disk. you can also listen to mp3 disks in your car! lemme know how you get on ;)
Apologies Anthony, forgot about my thread... unfortunately I already used the disk and now can't use it agian i don't think :/

The maximum amount of memory on a CD holds less than 80 minutes of music. Linkin Park plays 90 minute shows. It is not physically possible to burn it on a CD.


There are alternatives, though: You can burn it as an mp3 CD to use with mp3 enabled CD players, but only if you have one. Burning it onto a DVD is possible but it is not compatible with older speakers. Or, you can get a set of speakers that allow you to plug your mp3 player into.

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