LP's Sixth Studio Effort: What Do You Want To Hear?

What do you want to hear in Linkin Park's next album? Do you want them to build on their new experimental sound, go back to their roots, or go in a whole new direction with their music? For more information on their current plans for a next album, watch Shinoda and Hahn's interview with Fuse: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WIGGv3Mcv4Y

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not all the songs have to be the same kind. They can do a few songs from the roots and a few like their new sound. Linkin Park's sound is unique and can't be put under any particular genre. So, it would be great to mix their different sounds together too.

I'd like to hear something powerful and poetic at the same time, a modern sound that can excite you and even reach your soul.

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