Ok people, I have a situation. I've been a fan for years (like the majority of you, since 1998 whoo!!) and I've NEVER been to a concert. I've been living in Tennessee for the past two years to help out my mom for a bit so I was psyched to find out LP was going to L.A. Last year, I saved up enough money to go home and bought my concert ticket just in time to catch the Feb. But, circumstances,  a major family issue and not to mention losing my job came in between my dream to see my guys live. So, naturally I had to give up my funds and sell my ticket. I'm not asking for personal charity or anything like that. I'm simply asking if you can help a fellow fan out by donating whatever you can to my MFR account. Obviously the money isn't going to me but to something better. But, you'd also be doing me a HUGE favor by getting my stats up to $500 and helping me attend my first ever show. You only live once, and in these economic times the simple joys in life are all you have to keep you sane. Thanks for taking the time to read!


My link---->>http://www.give2gether.com/projects/music-for-relief.BrutalxBrenda/...

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