Who do u think should go on tour with lp?
i think rise against, paramore, alice in chains, and owl city would be cool :DD

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owl city is way too slow for LP, but paramore coldplay rasmus greenday U2 would be all cool
ya u2 would be cool and coldplay their amazing :D
Whoever has Alice in Chains, I love you!

I thought the Epicenter lineup was killer, so anything along those lines would be great.
i was at the epicenter show and it was amazing. that's the first time i ever saw lp live
Owl City would never ever happen even though I love them.

I could see them touring with like...Hollywood Undead, Alice in Chains, Mudvayne again, and...I dunno who else lol, I'm just guessing.
Muse. :)
ALICE IN CHAINS! - I would become LP's slave for a year if they totally put their heart and soul into getting AIC to tour with them. :)

Kenna - Because he is the most underrated artist who makes amazing music.

Snow Patrol - Because they're awesome. And yes they fit with LP because LP has always believed in touring with amazing musicians.

Flyleaf - Just because.

The Fray - I would love to see them live.
I love to see papa roach and the offspring :)
Skillet said they wanted to tour with LP. I think that would be cool.
It will never happen but an amazing experience that would be, my two favourite bands together in one awesome concert.

On the Live In Texas DVD they mention that Metallica and LimpBizkit were also playing that day, that would be awesome too.

Jen Brockwell said:
Muse. :)
Limp Bizkit, Trapt, Julien-K and Paramore.

Mike and Chester could make shows with Fort Minor and Dead by Sunrise as well.

The tour could be in others places like Africa and South American.

A tour with KoRn would be totally awesome :)
but why coldplay or U2? oO
no offend but in my opinion they dun fit with LP at all,
they are so soft, i call it "pussy-mainstream-music".
but ok its your opinion :)

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