I live in NEw Zealand and we would love if Linkin Park would come here. Please, Please would love to go and see you live.

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Hey there, there are several threads on begging, pleading and demanding LP to come back to NZ on this site, sorry to say however, it appears NZ just isn't on their radar - I love LP, however, there are 9 concerts in Aussie, and not a single one here. Probably think that Kiwi fans can afford to go across to Aussie and see them there rather than spend huge amounts of money to come to us. Which for most of us at this time of the year, no way! Or we just don't have a big enough fan base that could afford for the show to come here.... Though U2's show made it and had read that it was one of the most expensive shows out at the mo... and Jayz even did the opening... they had a blast and U2 even made the effort to acknowledge the nations mourning over the Coal Mining disaster within their show...

Am feeling really bummed as I did the last 2 concerts that they did here when they came last year, and they promised to come back and not take so long in getting back here... When I saw the Aussie dates going up, I got excited... but as the days go by and still no news or even hints that they are heading to our fair shores, I guess they are just empty words... so I just posted on Mikes Blog the following of how I am seeing it at the mo:

"Great that your having an awesome time, and heading downunder, Though we sooo hoped you'd come back to NZ, petitions were started, notices on boards, but alias we haven't been heard, oh well, U2, JayZ and other artists make the effort, I guess NZ is just not profitable enough for LP huh? And obviously having an earthquake destroy a good part of our 2nd largest city and now a Coal mining disaster that killed 29 hard working men, devastating a small community on our Southern Island, doesn't even warrent Music for Reliefs attention neither.. I've been a devoted fan for so long... now. not so sure. you write the greatest music. but actions always speak louder than screaming words..."

I know that there may be other reasons why they aren't coming to NZ, but without making comment from the band, it does appear that they just don't care about the Kiwi fans... which really cuts as we have supported them just as much and pay dearly for their products just like all other countries... Hell I even have 5 copies of A Thousand Suns plus the Limited Edition Book and LP collectors edition, and am a member of the underground... still means nothing when it comes to the "World" tour.... One of the reasons I got into LP was because they did care about their fans, they were accessable and the fans mattered, of late, I wonder if that got lost in their raise to fame.... perhaps we don't have the juggarnaut populations to feed the ego's or the huge stadiums that they have in Germany, UK, USA, Japan, China, Aussie, to pack out and have the huge energy they need to do a show anymore? After all they have been on tour for a while now, and just don't have the energy to do another country... though if they weren't doing so many in Aussie then they could of came here, (though wouldn't have made as much money neither so then back to wondering if this is the driving factor after all...)

I guess it's just not meant to be.... Have a great time in Aussie, a fabulous christmas and a great new year playing in the States LP... maybe in another 7 years we'll get to see our fav band here again.... some of us still live in hope.... :)

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