Who do u think should go on tour with lp?
i think rise against, paramore, alice in chains, and owl city would be cool :DD

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Good call. XD

ScaryGirl said:
well, i did say my list is impossible...

Hay Alguno que tenga LPU??
Xq Anunciaron que va a haber un chat con Rob... si alguno tiene usuario? Podria ver si puede hacerse escuchar por el, nuestro pedido que hagan un recital aca!

Someone has acces to LPU?
They announce a Chat wit Rob!

Maybe someone that has access can said about our dream of they comming to South America!
Would pay anthing for a tour with: three days grace, Limp Bizkit, 3 doors down, breaking benjamin, + OF COURSE LP!!!!
Well. I think we need more rock bands. If they go on tour with Green Day and Three Days Grace, that would be fucken epic. We need that to happen. I also would like to see My Chemical Romance though thats already happened in 2007. Though I hardly knew em at that time. I also think Fort Minor(know it's not rock but still) and Dead By Sunrise should be their. But for me, the best fucken lineup would be those three bands together. All three of these bands are amaysing. Linkin Park, Green Day, and Three Days Grace. Lets make it happen people.
Forget Argentina! Come to Canada. All you ever do is go to Toronto, does the band or anyone realize that's a six day drive across canada from Edmonton. And a really boring one at that. I have been waiting ten years for you to play somewhere I can get to. And no, Vancouver doesn't count either because that;s 4 days through the mountains the other way. Edmonton, Calgary, and maybe Saskatoon. Everyone in Alberta and Saskatchewan will drive to one of those places. Please come, or do you really hate Canada, I know it's cold up here but we have lots of ways to warm visitors up. ;-)
As Western Canadians you wouldn't need to tour with anyone else. We'd rather you just play all your stuff. You've got alot of missed LP's to make up for. We may never let you leave the stage for fear you'll never come back!

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