Wow I just went to the site with my iPod touch and there is a special site for the devices! It doesn't take soo long to load, it's slightly different from the website but it's really cool. Thank you for adding this little tool!

- ana

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thanks for the tip. maybe we can get ning to release an app a la Facebook? XD

dragonlp20 (moderator) said:
I'm sorry, it's just gonna be a pain in the effin ass til Ning changes it. For now, you'll just have to keep switching between mobile and "normal web" versions ={

Wojo said:
i like the mobile version... but its a pain in the ass to add friends and groups. help?

Hey ana :)


Just to let you (and other iDevice owners) know, Ning is working on an improved version of the site for the devices.... as admin jokingly named it... it's "The Dan Feature" :P [as that is how I usually do my mod'ing on the site ;) ]

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