Hey LP fans, hope you're all well :)

Anywho, I was wondering if you all could help is staff members with a couple things?

I understand most of you all didn't know this, either because you haven't read the Guidelines yet or because you misunderstood what we said; but please....

  • could you all keep comment posts in English. The only place non-English is allowed at the moment are groups that are Country/Language specific (ie: LP spain fans may speak Spanish in the group called LP Spain Fans or the like). If it is a comment on a friends' profile or pic or any thread that is not Language specific, please only speak English. If you need help with English, you can access a free translator at http://freetranslator.com (this also works for staff trying to figure out what others are saying) -- This also goes for the Main Chatroom too.. English Only please.
  • also, our stating "no posts about the bands personal lives" includes posting pix of their wives and/or kids. If we find these pix, we will delete them.
  • please pay attention to where you are placing your new threads. Having to move peoples threads out of FAQ/Help when it belongs in (usually) The Barracks takes up a lot of our time, thus we aren't able to do other things (like monitor chat)
  • Please, PLEASE! Only submit your blog ONCE. We have to approve all blogs so it will not appear to have been posted until we approve it. If your post has not been approved within 14 days, then it has most likely violated the Community Guidelines. Edit the post and then try again. [Frequently deleted blog post: Asking LP to come tour in your region/Why did LP not come to this region (this answer is simply: LP has no control over the touring cities. This is decided by management and the venues.) and posts that contain swearing.]
  • Please only use the Report an Issue link to report issues about this site (adult content, spam, abusive language, impersonation of band members/others on site, advertising)
  • If you have a general inquiry about something (like issues with a pre-sale link, copyright request) please use this thread: http://www.linkinpark.com/forum/topics/general-inquieries
  • Also, TopSpin has an FAQ/support page about all things related to LPUX, Orders, Tickets, etc.  Please contact them if you have any issues.

I'm just asking for your help because constantly dealing with these things takes away time we could be spending on more important stuff. 

Final note: As the LP.com staff (AKA Team LP), we're here to help everyone on LinkinPark.com, including LPU. Feel free to reach out to us with questions. Part of our role includes moderating LPU so we appreciate being treated with the same level of respect. Thank you!

- Dan

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Here are the Guidelines, if for some reason you can't open the link above:

To create and maintain the ultimate Linkin Park online experience, the band needs your help.
SHARE: It benefits the whole LP community when YOU regularly contribute to this site. Post videos, photos, blogs. Start discussions about your favorite songs, albums, and concerts. LPHQ and the band will feature the best stuff on the main page for everyone to see!
CONNECT: If we know more about you, we can serve you better. Fill out your profile page. Add your photo. Let us know who you are and where you’re from. This will help LPHQ and other fans connect with you about LP stuff going on near you. (Just remember, this is a public network, so anything you post can be seen by non-members and search engines; never post your address or phone number.)
GET INVOLVED: Our community is designed to be more rewarding when you know other members, so make friends. Explore. Engage. Search for other people who are in your city or have similar interests. Check out featured members simply by clicking on their photos next to the content they add.
BE RELEVANT: The message board has many existing categories and groups to appeal to the many interests of the network's membership and the members of Linkin Park; simply find the right category for your thoughts. Add it to an existing thread, or start your own.
In order to keep the LP community running smoothly and sustain an enjoyable place to visit, we will not tolerate members who engage in any activity that is disrespectful, unkind, cruel, threatening or illegal. From our experience, we've seen how uncomfortable things can get if this stuff is allowed. If you engage in these activities, we will remove you immediately from this official Linkin Park network.
No solicitation: We will remove members who solicit others for money, or who advertise in any way, including posting on the forum and messaging members individually.
No spam or "flooding:" Don't post repeatedly or flood the forums, groups, photos, or videos sections. It's annoying to other members and creates unnecessary work for the moderators.
English-only: Since this network is primarily in English, we ask that you speak in English on the site to prevent confusion. You are free to speak other languages within language-specific groups as long as you continue to abide by these Guidelines there. It is our goal to roll out language-specific sites for Linkin Park fans in the future.
No inconsiderate or illegal behavior. This includes:
No flaming. Flaming includes insulting, belittling, or saying ANYTHING inappropriate, even if it is done in a joking manner.
No threatening anyone, including other members, the moderators and the band members themselves.
No posting content that is sexually or violently graphic in nature.
No impersonating or discussing the personal lives of other members or the band

Bumpage - Made some edits to the thread, and would like to make it easier to notice.


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