Ok So my favourite LPU songs has been "Blue" and "What We Don't Know". Some of the CDs tracks have just been demos not B- Sides like the two above as well as "Pretend To Be" and "QWERTY".
What I am wondering is for LPU12, how many B Sides do you think/hope we will get. I don't know how many fans liked stuff like "Bang Three" but I didn't. I'd rather have some more great B-Sides. But tell me ur guys opinions! Personally if there were 12 Tracks on LPU12, I would like to see about 7 of them at least be B-Sides, along with 1 or 2 extra collabs, (Maybe A Second One With Owen Pallet. But anyway leave ur opinion below!

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All the songs of the Lpu Eleven were amazing including Bang three... The fans will like the demos of the Living Things or more songs never heard... Greetings...

Joseph Kenj

Thanks For your opinion... maybe I was not listening well enough but wasn't bang three just what I've done with the vocals ripped out? I enjoyed tracks like Slip, YO, In The End Demo, and I Loved Blue! But I felt like Bang Three was just kinda filler. I am not trying to be ignorant so plz enlighten me if I've missed something. Great to meet you friend!

I've enjoyed the trend of getting demos and B-Sides through the LPU. The demos are nice because we get to see a little bit more of how that particular song evolved, but the B-Sides are always great, whether they are totally polished off songs that never made it onto an album or a demo in the later stages of development. I hope this trend continues for a 4th year.

I enjoyed all the tracks of the LPU albums especially the demos and B-side songs. What I would love to see on LPU12 is "Pictureboard".

Benjamin, what do you mean by Pictureboard exactly?

I think Can be more Succesfuly making the 7 B-Sides, That's Always Cool!! And making ammm... like 3 or 2 live songs from the LIVING THINGS Tour, Like the song ----> Leave Out All The Rest/Shadow Of The Day/Iridescent <---- That's a Great combination Of Songs, For Me Is The Best! And Making a Skrillex Remix Of A Song From LIVING THING's Album, Skrillex Is Great and can make a remix, like From the Song: "POWERLESS" & "I'LL BE GONE"! <---- That's A Great Deal :D And can Put Demos From LIVING THINGS! :D
And I Am Thinkin About a Colaboration With Taylor Swift! or Hayley Williams (From Paramore) And A Colaboration With Skrillex....! :3 Fans Will Love It!!!!!!!

I really dug the B-sides. I think what should be on it is stuff that really shows off the exclusivity of being part of LPU- giving fans that something extra. I like the demos. I think LPU 9 is something to look at when putting 12 together. I really enjoyed 9. Maybe we can have something along those lines in terms of a cool mix between exclusive demos and B-sides

I Like LPU 11. IT Was Awesome I Listen To Them Every day And 08_Broken Foot (Meteora Demo) Was Great For Ringtone :D Every Time Some one calls me i wouldnt answer because i wanted to listen to this track :D

! L0v3 You Guys

I´ve listend to LPU 12, and i really love every single song!!

I agree Sophie, my only problem is I found there were too many instrumentals, only 3 of the 8 B sides had lyrics all though Debris, Bunker and Asbestos were all really SWEET! :)

Wretches and Kings, too. I listened closely to the lyrics, and does anyone think that song was big 'F YOU' to all the old fans hating on the change?
Honestly, the band grew up; everyone else should too (or at least give it a chance).

Waiting for the End video, dope. I wish they shot Mike from a different angle. Looks like they were using a fish-eye lens on his head or some ****.

Kevin Peterson

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