Ok So my favourite LPU songs has been "Blue" and "What We Don't Know". Some of the CDs tracks have just been demos not B- Sides like the two above as well as "Pretend To Be" and "QWERTY".
What I am wondering is for LPU12, how many B Sides do you think/hope we will get. I don't know how many fans liked stuff like "Bang Three" but I didn't. I'd rather have some more great B-Sides. But tell me ur guys opinions! Personally if there were 12 Tracks on LPU12, I would like to see about 7 of them at least be B-Sides, along with 1 or 2 extra collabs, (Maybe A Second One With Owen Pallet. But anyway leave ur opinion below!

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well, the new Underground 12 it´s awesome, i like the song So Far away ´cause it haves a Mr. Hahn solo all of us we need heard some songs about Mr. Hahn solos, rap from Mike Shinoda, the awesome voice of Chester Bennington, the drums of Rob Bourdon, the bass of I guess is Phoenix, jeje... and the guitar Brad Delson, this new Underground it´s some new we need hear... greetings
Omar Kenji Shinoda...

Pictureboard is said to be Linkin Park's rarest song, it was only ever played live once, that was before people recorded their concerts though. :(

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