Hi, I'm fairly new on this site and I'm not sure what to do with this ticket enclosed within the cd I just bought from a Dutch site. (Living things)

I want to log in at LP underground, but it is givving me problems. Can I use the same password as on this site?

Best regards, Sylvia.

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you have to go to lpunderground.com/redeem

it is all written on the paper you received with your cd. apparently I do not have mine here, so I don't know what it says, but follow the instructions

Hi Rosita, thanks so much for your answer. I suppose there was something wrong with my eyes haha, I forgot to write down 'redeem' in the web addres.

But now I'm confused again anyway. I just tried to redeem my code and the site claims my name is already in use. I don't know... Is this because I'm already part of this site orso? So I can't redeem now anyway :-(

What to do?

Thanks already :-)

Can you take a screenshot and show me what it says? I know that other people had the same issue, but have never really seen the error...

Is that legal? I do not want to violate any rules.

It is, but you can also e-mail it to me. I will give you my e-mail address in a private message.

Great! I'll e-mail you later today, have to go now... Bye!

I gotta ask: is it really FREE and does it just end after month so i'm not LPU member anymore?

I suppose,.. I read something about my account being removed after three? months orso and that it would be inactive after a month if I wouldn't renew it.

Personally I'd like to be part of LP underground after a month trial too, but maybe in a few months orso, I have a lot going on here.

So good luck iida, hope you have a nice time on LP Underground.

Sooo, after one month i'm not in LPU anymore and i don't have to be there and don't have to pay anything...? Right?
Sorry, if i sound little stupid... (wait, maybe i am... :D)

Yes, in my opinion... that is right. (I guess I'm silly as well, haha.)

Haha... But thanks your replies!^^

you're welcome.

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