I just received an LPU membership from my son for Christmas.  He purchased it as Best Buy but I am not seeing how to use the code that came in the box.  Unfortunately the box says LPU 8.0 so I am afraid that I will not be able to use it and his money will be lost.  Any help would be appreciated.  The box came with a t-shirt, ear bud clips, CD, guitar pick, sticker membership card and a note with a code to use to redeem the online and mobile benefits but when I go to LPunderground.com there is only the option for entering an e-mail address and password.  Am I missing something?


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As far as I am concerned, those do not work anymore :( You might wanna contact @heydudeimadam on Twitter. He could help you. Sorry :(

I know same thing happened with me. I have absolutely no clue how use the code.   This sucks!

Just do what I said. I guess that's the only thing you could do...

I tried getting him on Twitter but he didn't respond. Any other suggestions for contacting hom?

write a report? look at the bottom of this page on the right side. Just try to contact him in few days, cause i guess he is not working yet. Try around afternoon, not in the evening. When he is at work he checks those stuff. I am sorry that I cannot help you :/

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