My friend just got his "A thousand suns" special edition an found there this flyer.

Any news about it??? And what about LPUers who already got LPUX? Will we get this package too?

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All the info you need to know about this will be posted soon. Sorry this info got out before we were ready to announce. Please don't jump to any conclusions about it yet. More info coming shortly. If you're an LPUX annual member, you'll be taken care of.

Yes I am (we've met at LPU summit in Chicago (only russian there :)).

That's all I pretty much needed to know. ))

Yeah i heard about the package too, the LPUX has very nice stuff probably more people will join :) I'm very excited!
I love the phone case! Hope they're for BlackBerry's ;)
Hey guys! :) this is my first lpux post btw (and im in the 500, whoop! :D) anywayyyyy, has anyone recieved the package yet?? mines taking a lifetime, but then i am from england...! peace!

I'm in the States, and no package either, it will take some time, so don't worry, you haven't been forgotten

That's good to hear... I've been waiting for more than 2 months now... still nothing received here in Germany :(
The packages have been send 1-2 weeks ago. The people in the States already have them (most of them), those in Asia will have to wait even longer than us (Europe, since you said Germany). I heard that some German people already got their packages so don't worry, just be patient and you'll get it as well.
Alright then, I guess it should arrive within in the next days. Thanks for your feedback!

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