Is someone going to the summit on 10th or 11th?
If yes I have some questions.
Did u send rsvp for the soccer cup or MFR project?Did u get any answer? And do u think u can go just to the soccer cup or the MFR project only?

And than when i read about the soccer cup that only the winning team can meet LP at M and G on 11th and take picttures and have backstage tour etc.. so i was just wondering what about the others. Someone like me is travelling longer distance to the summit and i dont want to be there just for Questions and Answers, jamm session or tour the crew bus. I want to meet LP!!
Like mike is saying on the video it seems like everybode can participatei n everything that meens picrues, backcstage tour ...

So what do you think about that?? THANKX Robin

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well i sent a rsvp for the soccer cup only. i'm not going to the mfr one i think. i didnt get any answer from the lpu about this.

As for other questions: well every person who plays in the soccer cup gets a gift, winning team gets to meet lp and the best player gets to see the show on 11th from the side of the stage WITH a friend. As for the summit itself, well if youre in q&a with lp i think you can get something signed ;)
Yes I didnt get anything too. They are maybe waiting and something about three days before the summit they will tell us. I hope :)

And i am not talking just about signing stuff..its for all activities..It is not fair that just pople who win the cup can do all the special events. Will see how it goes :)

And are u attending any London show? U are from Poland is that right? Where will u stay for the three nights.
I am also going from 9-12 November.. I am from Czech and im going by a plane from Brno by Ryainair at 9th Nov. and will be staying near Hyde park
hey! sorry for the delay. well i'm staying at a hotel situated in greenford (if you know where it is) if you want we can meet in london :) Just send me your mobile number (private message!) and we should text eachother as soon as were there. what time are you landing in london? if its ryanair you should get into stansted or heatrow correct? im going with ryanair too and will land on stansted on 9th at 15:25 local time! let me know! :)

I'm from Poland ;) and i'm going to the concert on 11th ;)

And for the record: people who won the cup will only get a m&g with the band. Rest of the activities are open for the summiters!

Ahh and about the answer from lpu regarding the soccer cup - if you sent a rsvp for it youre in. they dont send any confirmation for this :)

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