I already told everyone how I've missed lpu package and then monthly give away contest because my lpu account is not working. Now it's happening again. (ps. I sign in with the same network and email address I did with LPU).

the discussion is here: http://www.linkinpark.com/forum/topics/this-is-not-fair


I asked for a help and luckily I got some answers. I sent an email to topspin because dereklp -Moderator- told me to do that.

Then I got an email from topspin and they told me to take a contact to Linkin Park. Hey, sorry guys but you are throwing me like a ball! :( I appreciate that derek and topspin answered me so fast but the support I received is zero.


I know that lpu team have so much work to do and my problem is very small but It would be so much fun if somebody solve this problem. LPUX membership is not free :S

And hey! I'm not ungrateful. I'm very happy that lpu system is exist because it gave me so much! I was at the lpu summit in London 2010 and at the meet&greet in Helsinki (June, 2011). 

My thanks of the lpu summit is in my blog. 




ps. Hopefully you understand me!

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Hopefyllu somebody fix the chat as soon as possible :)


But my problem is not solved. Why won't Topspin reply to my email? :D Earlier I got an email in three days but now I have waited for two weeks.

I've lost my hope. Maybe I should wait LPU11 and purchase it :) 

Adam said:

I'm going to PM you

but I've had this problem since day 1.  It sucks that I cannot participate in the chats :(


what happens when you try opening the chat?

Jasmine Carrero said:

but I've had this problem since day 1.  It sucks that I cannot participate in the chats :(


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