Come on y'all, what was your screen name over there?

When did you first join?

What was your post count? :P



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mine's the same.. Scott360, est. LPU6.0
Barca2 :) surprisingly :D
I think it's still SueW66, I joined LPU8 although I've been a fan for years.
chad dix said:
Whats up.. my handle has been Falloon19 since 1.0

Good to see another 1.0, haha!
Mine is... well, Myyr ^^
Mine's BleedingSkulls,
I joined LPU when they realeased LPU6 under the name DirtyDarkPrincess
but then LPU7-9 I'm BleedingSkulls =D
DecanoLP since LPU 7.0 =)
mine's CHAPS_LP and I joined in LPU 7...but become fan of LP few months after Meteora came out
Kept my LPU name =p LPUer since 3.0.
Overkill since LPU 6.0
My user name at LPU is Chessie - joined in 2007, fan of LP since 2001 tho.
KATHYxx said:
Guess my username too.





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