I have bought the LPUX Annual Pass in mid-March this year. I also have an online account. How do I know if both my online accounts and my LPUX membership are linked?

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Me too same prob,can someone help us?
I really do want to try for the Meet and Greet. Am hoping someone can really help us on this.
heheh me too, u tried to ask help to topspin?
One way is to go here http://lpu.linkinpark.com/chat/ and see if it lets you into the chatroom. If it does, everything should be good. if not, go here http://app.topspin.net/account/help_public and topspin can assist you further
Okay. Thanks. :)
Post back with results so we know your taken care of :)
Hi. I am able to have access to the chat. With regards to the Meet and Greet, when, prior to the concert itself, will the offer be opened to members?
me tried too the same thing!
with the new LPU its a new system.  the old lpu system no longer exists.  when you bought your account, it should have sent you an email with a link and you had to follow the instructions.
also if your able to use the chat your account is activated

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