While LPUX does have it's upside, it has a major downside too.

I think LPUX should be changed back to the way LPU9 was. It was a special community with forums, exclusives and a whole lot of other stuff and now it's just a chat. The forums are on the LinkinPark.com website therefore anyone can actually just join and chat.

This years LPU costs the most it has, and yet it is the one with the least features.

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I suspect you must be a kid whose parents are the people who had to cough up $60, judging by your rudeness.

There's nothing here that actually justifies $60.

pizzazombie said:

lpux rocks

the chat is cool, the lpux cd is the best lpu cd and there are much more member chats than before


and there will be a surprise in c 1 month(maybe a new site)



Yeah, you're right. I should be thankful for-- ...oh, wait. I don't think you read my post about not being able to get M&G's with the band because I'm a single mother. And since you didn't see what I posted just above, I'm sure you've never seen my rant about having also been selected for a M&G a few years back and then being denied entry into it. People who can't afford an LPU memebrship should consider themselves thankful as far as I'm concerned; you're not buying false hopes to get screwed out of the only thing you paid for. Hmmm, but that's just the opinion of someone who's had a number of crappy experiences with it.

Elizabeth Vandal-LP fan 4 LIFE!! said:
If I had money I'd join even just for the chance of talking to Mike,Chester,Rob,Dave,Mr. Hahn,or Brad.....so you guys should be thankful. Their is a lot of people who can't afford it.:)
@fan 4LIFE, itz not that we are not thankful, most of us are complaining because LPUX iz twice the price of LPU9 but we are not benefiting from anything by paying more. we may not have realized it while LPU9 waz going on but, LPU9 waz like a bran new Cadilac and LPUX iz like a nasty Toyota rust bucket (not being insensitive to JAPAN so don't start ppl lol) Thatz all we are saying....if they get us used to all that they had to offer b4 they should at least keep the same standard of service az the old LPU, itz only logical. Then maybe ppl wouldn't be so annoyed.
Despite everything else that's been going on, I think this comment just made my LPUX membership worthwhile. Thank you.

Persephonezkiss said:
LPU9 waz like a bran new Cadilac and LPUX iz like a nasty Toyota rust bucket

I totally agree.  I have been a member for years and became a member because I could get advance sale tickets and get members only merchandise along with all the info on the website.  When LP came to MSG in NY, I could not be further from the stage.  I could barely see them and I paid full price for the tickets.  And what about Projekt Revolution?  I miss seeing them tour every year or two.  Hopefully someone will see this discussion and remember those of us that have been fans for years!!!


I'm glad i can do that for your conscience lol.

LPUX is a joke. Let's take a look at what LPU 9 was and now how LPU X 'upgrades' the experience.


Lpu9: Started off at 15$ for online pass, went about 40$ for special package. Full on website designed for it, had member profiles, exclusive free downloads with every membership (including AIM icons, the LPU cd and an exclusive live verson of a dbs song). Even if you only got the online pass, you still got to download all that. Exclusive Message boards built in to the website. LPU Chat was a pop out chat, filled with smileys, you could change your font color, private message people in chat, ignore people. Special package got you 2 t-shirts, 2 lpu cds, keychain, shoe laces, LPU guitar picks. Extra special got you LPU vynils. Meet and greet chances, early ticket sales.


Lpux: Starts off at 60$. 60$ gets you access to a download of 'Best of lpu' which is about 10 songs that've been in previous Lpu cds. Lpux chat no longer includes smileys, your 'font' color is now only your name, you cannot private message or ignore users. Chat is no longer pop out. Only thing added was video for band members, which is rarely used.

LPUX cd is an ADDITIONAL 5$ on top of the 60$, if you carried over your Lpu9 membership, it's 10$. Lpux brought Lpu Summits, if you're not an lpux member (lpu9 carry over) it costs 50$ I do believe, if you are it's free. There were 3 summits, 2 in europe, one in the us. Meet and greet chance, early ticket sales. Everything else is tied in with lp.com


So here's the simple version. Lpux 60$ gets you 10 songs, a meet and greet CHANCE, early ticket sales. If there are no concerts during your membership, you get 10 songs for 60$. No package, cd costs extra.


Lpux is a giant rip off, every lpu9 person is upset about it and we all are the only ones who seem to know it's a giant rip off. Enjoy spending your 60$ for nothing, people.

even still.......

@Elizabeth Vandal-LP fan 4 LIFE!! What is there to discuss? The current LPU is a overpriced rip-off.

As Brian Fensch allready stated, there is NO reasonable explanation, everywhere why the price exploded, and features getting cut or cost additionally (aka CD and other comming soon 201X Merch).

And yeah, if they are currently not on tour you pay 60 $ for 10 tracks.

@LPU Crew (if they read it, which I doubt): If you wanna price the Membership at 60 $ give us this:
Metclub (Metallicas Fanclub)

International 60 $:

-Official Met Club T-shirt

-Printed Autographed Band Photo

-Expanded Online Access

-Introductory Letter from a Band Member

-SO WHAT! Magazine
(4 issues per year - Shipped Separately)

-Personalized Membership Card (Ok not that appealing)


And more!


Btw if you search on youtube Metallica M&G, you can see how much time that take with their Fans, they talk, take personal photos etc.


Now that's what I call a Fan Service!


Elizabeth Vandal-LP fan 4 LIFE!! said:

even still.......

we didnt even get a free wallpaper.

Why must we wait for someone to read this discussion? You can report them. Although it probably will not help anything
you have a point - but we've tried to talk with people, and it hasn't worked. what exactly do you mean by "report" anyways? are you talking about the BBB (better business bureau)? 

valentina said:
Why must we wait for someone to read this discussion? You can report them. Although it probably will not help anything



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