Hey guys!

Anyone else getting annoyed at the price that LP are charging their own fans to become members of their fan club? LPUX costs $60 to become a member. LPU9 was a similar price and a huge increase from LPU8.

Why should we pay more when we don't get more? Personally, although a big LP fan I did not become an LPU9 member because of the price as I think it is unjust. And I will not become an LPUX member unless the price comes down. LP must see a decline in LPU membership from LPU8. Simple economics would tell you that it is the case.

I love Linkin Park. I buy albums, singles, tshirts etc. I am a die hard fan that LP should be happy and proud to have. Why should I have to pay ridiculous prices to just have a recognised affiliation in a club as a fan of the band??

I hope people will agree. It isn't fair. That is the bottom line.


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I agree! But see it as $5 a month...
Btw, do you know if buying one membership allows you to buy more than one VIP package for this 2011 North American Tour?

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