ok, so I've been reading around the forums for several hours and see nothing but complaints about the new LPUX membership.


This discussion is men't to put a rest to some of the questions that people have about the new underground membership.


In this thread i DO NOT want to see any complaints about LPUX.  if you feel that its too expensive for what you get then the correct way to respond is to ask the questions

  • "What exactly is the plan for LPUX?"
  • "Will there be more to the site than just a chat room?"
  • "what does my $60/yr or $10/mo go towards?"


Please only ask questions and dont complain.


I have created this thread in an effort to have a few key questions answered by those who know these answers. and the only way we can get those answers is to be respectful and understanding.


Thank You.


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Ok so my first question is..


is the LPUX finished as designed? or will there be more LPU community features?

Good idea, Vincent.


As far as the complaints towards the chat are concerned, I believe it's being moved over to Tinychat from Livestream to allow more features very soon. The reason why it's different from LPU9 and previous versions is because they've moved over entirely from Sparkart. I'm not sure of the reasons or motivation behind the move nor do I think they need to indulge us in the administrative details that don't concern us, but the common opinion among LPU seems to be that we need more features such as exclusive forum, LPU TV episodes, etc.


I guess the question is: Will such features be appearing for LPU? If so, should we expect it around a certain time? Adam has said a few times that it's still a work in progress and they're constantly thinking of ways of improving it, so I think we're all hoping to see positive changes in the near future.

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