Hey Guys

Are there yet the emais for the meet and greet for the european tour out ?



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Hey There,


today I received an email that I was selected fot the M&G!!!!!!!! I'm soooo happy :-)))


Take care!

I selected also for M&G in  Leipzig =)
I was selected for M&G in Italy :D
Yeah think they're already out but i was outta luck

Still waiting for Belgium M&G's, 6 days to go... : /

I hope I get lucky now that I'm FINALLY in the LPU after such a long time xp

I've been selected for Belgium! :D :D :D
I've also been selected for Belgium, however I'm a bit worried because I won't have access to the internet...and it seems that's the way the information is given, or at the box office, but the box office is that not outside?
Most venues don't allow you back in once you go out...

Worries are over, just received the needed info for the Meet and Greet!

Can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello , i really hope that somebody can help me!!

Me and my wife visited the concert at Oberursel , we had a meet and greet.

It was great and we loved the concert!!

I bought the cd for the live-download and i was so stupid to delete the song "Bleed it out".....

It was a great performance of "bleed it out"and i wanted to put it on the cd but by mistake i deleted it.

Can somebody of the LPU-soldiers send me this version?

I would be so gratefull!!!!!

You can email me: kloone@home.nl


Many thanks in advance,



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