next summer I will be at Rock Werchter Festival in Belgium.

And yes I will go for LINKIN PARK!

Now I have a question about the meet and greets...

can you also meet the band at a regular festival? or do they only do meet and greets at their normal shows in stadiums.

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look I do not know this answer you friend

Hope it is!

But I doubt...


does anyone know? Can't find anything about meet and greets at festivals on the site :s

look you can appeal to the festival site more than you want and and place where thatfriend?

Every show, they do a meet and greet for selected lpu people.

they do'nt do every show a summit. That's something they do... sometimes.


annyway, you still have to be lucky to get picked because there are a lot of LPU members.

They do a M&G at every show. I have seen them at 2 outdoor festivals and 1 indoor arena. I got picked for M&G at the indoor arena. Some people have been picked for M&G multiple times. For me it was 3rd time lucky! Good luck :)
Yup every show, that's one of the great things about LPU... BTW, see you at Rock Werchter! :p

Een Belg! Jeeuj!


Haha :) idd, BTW heb jij ondertussen al mail gehad van LPUHQ voor de meet&greet? Ik (nog) niet en ik ga kapot van de zenuwen he! xD

Nee nog geen antwoord gehad!

Ben niet echt zenuwachtig ervoor hoor.. hun live zien is al zalig :D

Ja da's een feit! Maarja nu ik net eindelijk bij LPU ben geraakt, hoop ik toch wel op zo'n extraatje :p

Ja ik ook!


vind het wel vreemd dat ik niet kan reageren op het evenement.. heb toch ge-RSVPd :s

Hoezo niet reageren, geen reacties plaatsen op de pagina? Heb je je RSVP ticket?

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