I have tickets for this tour in paris,
and i would like to  find the meet and greet  button on  this website  for the event ....

any ideas ?

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I think you need to become a member of the underground and then you get notification if you have been successful, I think that's the process, well it was when they last toured here in NZ... 2007....
I should be a member, i bought the new set on release
Ummm... did you buy via the new set on the site and did it say that your now a member of the underground after filling in the details they request? Usually you get an confirmation that your a member of the LP Underground, without this, your not a member.... so would strongly recommend contacting the admin to see what your status is... Buying the new Album doesn't give you LP Underground membership that's on top of as far as I'm aware... I've purchased 5 copies of A Thousand Suns and still had to pay for LP Underground Membership.... Though do recall some offer on the site a few weeks/months back, so again advise you to contact LP Underground Membership Admin and they will help you out for sure :) all the best! We're still waiting for them to come back to NZ... hope is valuable indeed! :)
You have to become a member of the LPU and then click "I'm Going" on the show that you will be attending. Then, at random, people will get chosen to win M&G's :)
You have to join www.lpunderground.com Just go to events at lpu and let htem you know you will attent. Be lucky and get mail.
Gemma: not random, they let people who didn't meet the band go first. I meeted the band twice, so everoyne whomeeted the band just once gets in front of me.

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