At last weeks gig in Birmingham uk a ticket cost £40 = $64 were as a hoodie from the merchandising stand cost £60 = $94 !! Can u believe that !! The cheapest thing was the programme at £10 = $16 and then t-shirts @ £20 = $32
So when the souveiner top costs more then the ticket to get in sumthings gotta be wrong ?
do you agree ?

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HI was @ the 02 11-11, i know there was a shirt i wanted £50 i just couldn't afford on the day, am now searching to see if i can pick it up on-line any where.
Couldn't agree with you more,after paying £40+ for a ticket i can ill afford tour merchandise at stupid prices.The quality does not reflect the price paid for it either.
I find it quite unfair that genuine fans who have actually attended a concert are expected to pay full price for an item of clothing etc.
I am thankfull that the downloads of the live recording of each show are available at a very respectable price though.
In Paris and Zurich the price was also very expensive and we did not have the tour book : ( (but I hope to find the tour book soon ^^)
Exemple: the mug 30 chf (30$ at zurich) error or not error ? lol

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