I've read on other posts on here that you are notified if you are going to be in the meet and greet 2 days before via email, I was just wondering if you only recieve an email if you got it, or if you get one telling you that you didnt get in.  Im going crazy wondering if I got in the detroit show meet and greet which is in two days.   Please let me know! thanks!

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The m&g is during the opening of the show? That means that those that are lucky enough to make the cut will not have the best seats if their venue is GA. 

Stephen Ebaugh said:
I got mine yesterday too for Detroit.  It says that it could occur when the opening bands are playing.  when have M&G's occurred in the past?  do they usually happen when the opening bands are playing?
wow, either one or 2 days before the show they contact you? I am waiting for the Toronto show, still a little over a week for me to know!

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