Hey guys. I'll get straight to the point.

I have a Yamaha NP-30 - 77 key keyboard. I used it for practising at home and now I'm thinking of using it as a MIDI Controller. I have the stuff sorted on my computer, the last thing I need now is an interface to hook it up. I saw the M-Audio MIDI controller but I thought it was a little risky, as it's really cheap and looks flimsy..

Basically I'd really like some suggestions of a MIDI interface. My budget is under £100 ($150) if it can be helped. I only need for a single input, as I only have and need a keyboard, but more is okay if the hardware is good. I just don't wanna get this wrong.


Thanks very much.

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I use M-Audio - it is fine, but can interact badly with some software (if you are not using ProTools on your computer, don't download it with M-Audio because it will possibly make it hard to use any other music program with it - it's impossible to use it well with Cubase SE if you do that, you have to press enter about 20 times to get into the program, and the playback has crackles in it from then on if you do :( It's fine with Cubase SX the free version though :)). I don't know any others to recommend, sorry :(
Thanks very much, I'm off to my local store to get me a Midisport 2x2 MIDI Interface ;D
Good on you, hope it does well for you :) :) :)

Hi, i have a Focusrite 2i4 and it has midi in and out. if that's what u are looking for? it has 2 mic/line/instrument ins and 2x stereo photo out and 2x mono 1/4 inch out (stereo pair)
it had headphone out too. it has phantom power, and it powered by USB which is magnificent! it has great pre-amps!
if you wanna hear what i have done wit mine take a listen here:

Like and share if you like it please.
thanks, Danny

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