I have no favorite cause they are all awesome, but i would say mike! no reason...
what about you guys??

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I don't know why, I feel like Mike deserves to be my favourite since he's such a sweetie and he takes time out of his life to visit LPU message boards and stuff :)

But I love Chester xD His voice drew me into LP and he's a cutie, even though he doesn't make as much effort.

Oh and I love rob jsut because he seems so shy and quiet lol
Saw something like this on the LP street team forums..... i say all of them. But the most influencing member to me is Chester.
Mike's just awesome!
Mr. Shinoda, because he's one of the most talented members of LP (He's a great rapper, producer, song writer/composer, pianist, graphic designer, visual artist, keyboardist, guitarist, etc) plus he's (from what I've heard from him) a nice guy. And hot. Don't forget the hottness.
I love all of them. But Chester is my favorite because of his voice...and looks. Then Rob is next. :D
i can say mike and chester .no reason
Mike is genious yes, but I like
joe the most, since he is my influence in my dj career, check my progress on youtube (binLPfan)!!!!
Chaz ... because of His terrefic Voice that can chang from an a agressive tune to a smooth one in just a sec.

Next one is mike for sure ... in one word he's " Genius".
Jacrid said right - My fav what? Band Member? I can't imagine LP without any of them...
Chester is my favorite, I don't know why, but when I listen 2 his awesome voice I feel so good.
I don't have a favorite. I pay attention to Mike's site a lot cause he's the only one of the band who updates so much. There is one person the band who I dislike greatly, but I won't say who.
i dont know how to say it the best way in englisch :S

without chester lp would be just as good as without mike, rob, brad, phoenix or joe. but yes, i think chester & mike have the most skills....

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