I have no favorite cause they are all awesome, but i would say mike! no reason...
what about you guys??

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this is pretty unrelated but i want Mister Joseph Hahn to release his own stuff. he's all but vanished in recent albums. i'm talking instrumental tracks with guest appearances from rappers on other tracks. mike has fort minor. chester has dead by sunrise. joe needs something for himself.

i know he's into movies & whatnot but how about a side project?
I am Turkish and I'm 13. mike is sweetest member in the lp.Chester is my favourite member .I love you chester!!! Rob is interesting.joe is good DJ.Phoenix : Ihave no idea :)
Hmm, I like all of them. No favourites. Each and every one of them is significant. They complete the band. I mean, specifically~ Joe, Mike, Chester, Phoenix, Brad and Rob. If one of them to ever quit the band, that would be the most grim and darkest day ever. Or if the band is to ever break up, same thing, darkest and grimmest day in the history of mankind.

But anyhow, I do think Rob is hot. Haahaahaa.
well. in my opinion if i could be so hoornest:) chest.:) he cAN SPIT OUT HIS EXPERIENCES WELL
My fave band member of lp is Brad it's because he's an awesome guitarist and he's funny of course so is Phoenix..........

ok....ok......I admit it, their all funny.......gosh...........
my favorite is chester.
I would say Chester, I just love his voice^^
and okay, he might look the hottest too*woops*

I also like Mike too, cause he's an amazing rapper and artist!!
otherwise I couldn't choose. LP wouldn't be LP without each one of them:D
you guys are crazy trying to choose - lol
I love all them :D
but Chester for his AMAZING voice *-*
My favorite is Chester because he is amazing singer with an amazing voice!!!
Then it's Mike because he can do everything and he is an amazing guy!!!
If I had to choose one of them, I would choose Chester due to his awesomw voice
I woud have to say that Chester and Mike are my favorites; don't get me wrong, I love Phoenix, Joe, Rob and Brad as well, but I like Mike and CHester just a smidgen more. Okay, reasons, CHester: SICK tattoos and piercings, that dark quality, the ability to go from screaming (like Given up) to being soft and harmonious (like My December), I just really like that quality that he has. Mike: I like how he is a good rapper but can have a rock sound in his voice at the same time, I like the looks that he used to give in classic LP videos (like Papercut), how his page shows the most fan interaction, and how he has seemed to change over time with the music that LP makes.

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