I have no favorite cause they are all awesome, but i would say mike! no reason...
what about you guys??

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Ok the reason is cause he is multitalented and he has a great personality.

Jacrid said:
My fav what? Band Member? I can't imagine LP without any of them...
You would say Mike but no reason? There must be a reason if you choose someone! xD
again... all great but joe :)
This is a difficult question. I don't know who I like most.

Chester has a beautiful voice. Mike is the best rapper in the world after Eminem. Brad is great guy. Phoenix is crazy, look him twitter. Rob is growing up with drums every year. Joe is a extraordinary DJ and director.

I can't chose just one. Maybe if you ask who are my 6 favorites Linkin Park's members, I can tell you a nice answer. =D
My favorite is Phoenix cause he has the best sense of humor, but Chester is another favorite cause he's incredibly talented and funny
i dont' have a favorite because they are all talented men. I would have to say Rob, because he is amazing drummer and Shinoda because all around artistic guy
William vasiliou said:
Ok the reason is cause he is multitalented and he has a great personality.

Yes he is multitalented, but so is everyone of them. The Band itself is my favorite since every member is doing more than just doing his part for LP.
as far as favorites, I have none. they're all really inspirational people, especially with all of the volunteer work that they do.

but i have to say that brad and mike inspire me the most, only because i'd really like the create art/play guitar like how they do. (:
If I had to chose between them. It would probably be Mike. He can draw, write music, rap/sing, etc. He's just really talented in my eyes. Not only that... I've not got a chance to ever meet him. From what I heard and seen from him, he's really a nice and kind person. I've got to talk to him a few times on the fort minor boards and the old LPMB boards and he was never really rude to me or anything. There was probably ONE time he replied to me and I felt like he was being rude... but the rest of the time, I guess he was okay. Even said I was cool, =P. I will post all the quotes by Mike to me on my blogger thingy... here.
All 5 are awesome but if I had to choose, I'd say Mike and Chester, their skills are amazing especially Mike.
I like the insight on chester skin.... it's good to know

Anene said:
Mike is a genius!
Brad is the sexiest guitarist on the planet!
Chester's voice is beautiful, and up close at the last M&G i had, he also had very smooth and nice skin. go figure. :)
idk but i love chester,mike and rob sooo much....

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