I have no favorite cause they are all awesome, but i would say mike! no reason...
what about you guys??

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well,each one of them has different talents,character,style etc. I couldn't say that i loVe someone most cause they are all perfect.!. It's Linkin Park men..relax...(:...
I love them all! It's hard to choose one because they are all just bloomin' great guys but my fave is Mike, has been from the start.
I have three favourite members...they are:
MIKE SHINODA because he is an awesome musician and artist and he is also very nice and funny...he's my idol!!!
CHESTER BENNINGTON because I love his screams and the way he sings and he has become a great singer after his so difficult childhood.
BRAD DELSON Because I love the way he plays the guitar, I think he is the best guitarist and I like also his look. Being a guitarist myself I look at him as a model.
All of the band members are FUCKEN AWSOME.
Chester Bennington:Awsome melodic singing
Rob Bourdon:Awsome Druming Skills
Brad Delson:Awsome guitar playing
Pheonix:Awsome bass playing
Joe Hahn:Awsome scratching and sound effects
Mike Shinoda:Awsome rapping and guitar playing
I have no favorite cause they are all awesome. But maybe my fav is Chazz, because we have a same character, he is amazing :D
But i love so much Joe, Mike, Brad, Phoenix and Rob! ♥
I love all of them, they make LP what it is today.

I look up to Brad as i am a guitar playing myself :)
My favorite is chester because i like his voice and i like to sing i wish i sounded like him but seriously all of the members are hardcore!!! No doubt about it
I can't say... If we go to the personal level... (the two meet and greets where I spended each 5 seconds with the band...) I already can say.. Joe isn't my favorit one for süre... :p I'm sorry Joe..
mikeeeeeeeeee becz mike is clever and awesome :D ı love him ......ı like everythings whch is about mike
they re all good
Without ALL of them, it just wouldn't be LP. Of course all of the members are amazing!!!!

BUT MY FAV IS CHESTER 'cause he is a greatest shouter and very crazy on stage 555+
I have to say all of them ... b'cuz each of them hold mutiple talents that just blow you away especially with all that high-tech stuff.Chester has a beautiful voice that just makes you start wondering , "Will I burn inside the fires of a thousand suns?". Mike he's just the glue that holds them together as a band , his lyrics and producing methods,Did i forget he's gorgeous hehe.Brad just amazing on that guitar and funny in that "Megaphone Video".Rob ... where else can you get a better drummer w/ awesome hair.Joe ... he's got that magic touch when he starts directing or scratching those records.And Phoenix ... um idk .. lol.
But most of all my favorite is , was , and always will be are Brad and Mike <3

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