I am a Portuguese member and I've been planning on showing this to you
guys a long time ago. Turns out that a few years back, this beer ad was
on Portuguese tv all the time. It is with a very famous Portuguese Chef.
I really think he looks like Mike. Guys on LPU thought so too so I
decided to share this with all fans. Does he look like Mike?


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LOL, I saw this on the LPU forums. Yeah, he really does look like Mike in certain shots.
woow! he looks really like him! mike should watch this!:d
OMG! It does look like him a hell of a lot.

It might be him, you never know!
That was hecka funny! Mike has a double life as a rapper and a chef. Total Hannah Montana moment. lol. I think the camera focus helped a little bit too.
He really look like Mike=)))

I can't see the video :(( argh

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