Mike Shinoda's Blog post, A responce from a 10yr LP Fan

I read your post Mike. I listend to your album, multiple times. I dont like it.

I have like literally every other linkin park song/cd. I dont like this one. You can only lean so far over the edge before you eventually fall. That is what you have done with this cd, its to much. To much soft sounds mixed with awkward beats and did I hear some reggae in that?

Listen, I dont care what you say or how you try to portray it. You can sit there and say we didn't listen or didn't give it a chance. Thats fine, that means your in denile and are obviously egotistical. Your songs can't be that bad, we just didnt listen to them yet! YA OK MIKE.

I have loved all ur music, from rap/rock to a little more mainstream rap/rock to a really soft linkin park with some sounds i didnt like a whole lot but still liked the music overall... But now, I just dont dig techno/pop/reggae/underground rap/electro.

What enrages me about this whole deal is that you can be content with that fact people dislike it. I made you rich pal. I paid to see you live, i paid for your sticker, I paid for your cds even though i downloaded the shit first, and I bought your shirts. And now, I basically get told my opinion doesn't matter or I didn't give it a chance. That is what pisses me off. You should be grateful. You dont have to stick to one sound, I dont tell you what to do. But for god sake dont act like you have no idea whats going on here.

I once made up a story to paradoy Mike Shinoda's. Their was a man who became a rich and famous MLB pitcher. He had the best slider every seen. Nobody could touch it, regardless how close they came, his slider was simply unique and the best. One year, the pitcher saw fit to stop throwing slider's...he'd already done that for so long, it was time to try something new and fresh. So he went out that year and threw alot of fastballs. His ERA shot up above 10 and he was released. He was forced into early retirement. What he thought he needed was actually his downfall.

Take heed, its coming if you continue this trend. You will murder Linkin Park and all that are in it's careers.

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Why did you post this here? He wont see it, post it ON the blog!
Ok so:

I'm not a Linkin Park fan. I usually make fun of Linkin Park or/and fans of the band.

I can't say that I hate everything from the band but I usually think it's not good (sorry for fans, I'm just being honest).

But see, that was untill last week, when I downloaded A Thousand Suns. Out of curiosity really. I didn't have anything to listen and I got the impression there was something different about that album when I read some fans saying it was crap.

I don't blame you for not liking it. There's a logic in it. You liked LP previous albums and I didn't. Now I like this one and you don't like it. Logical.

What I blame you for is assuming that the band must do music to please the fans just because you gave them money.

Well... They didn't put a gun on your head for you to buy albums and T-Shirts. You don't like that album ? Don't buy it. You already bought it: Hey look, do you know that cool website ? => www.ebay.com

He's not content by the fact that people dislike it because people DON'T dislike it. YOU dislike it. Don't get confused.

For one, I hope that their next album is in the continuity of this one, but if it's not, I'm certainly not going to post here to say what a scandal it is because I made them partly rich.

Just because you like a band, it doesn't belong to you.
Harleeey, thank you.

That was extremely well put, and done without flaming.
I completely agree with you, and have actually had the chance to hear Mike's explanation of the blog, and although you are right on the money, the perception this person has had of his intention in the blog is completely wrong.

But of course, no one wants to know how the band really feels, they only care about their own misinterpretations of their words.
If you have never existed here on this earth, LP still be fined and we still be happy.

You put your money to them, but you don\t have any right to tell them what to do. They are not a service company that please you or some bitch on the street that will give you pleasure for money.

If you still consider that music is made for money then you should listen to JB, LG, or whoever, not LP.

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