Hi guys! I have a problem last days with mikeshinoda.com . I post a comment, and then I can't view it, it doesn't appear on the blog... Is someone experienced the same problem...? Any solutions? My name is Paul. By the way, I worry cause another Paul sent a weird comment. In his comment at "8 Bit Rebellion-on the way" he wrote at Mike 'Mike, it is just an iPhone app, you do not need to waste time
perfecting it like a song for every minor detail such as the tone of
black used for your hair'. And I don't want any misunderstanding. I don't want Mike to think that is me.... So if anyone has a solution or experienced the same, I would appreciate his/her help. Thank you! :-)

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I remember I had this problem once...

Adam told me it was the spamfilter who thought all my posts where spam.

He didn't know why the spam filter thought I was spam... Something with my IP-adres.



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