Hi everyone 

today I had an idea we are gonna make a linkin park perfect album, the album will be 12 soundtrack we are gonna take the best soundtrack from each previous linkin park album and we are gonna mix it I'm gonna show you my linkin park perfect album

1-Lost in the echo

2-one step closer

3- burning in the skies

4-bleed it out


6-castle of glass


8-in the end


10-wretches and kings

11-in pieces

12- (it's was a hard choice between numb and the littlte things give you away) but I must go with the littlte things give you

so that's it my perefect linkin park album share yours please :)

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1. Forgotten
2. Numb
3. Breaking the Habit
4. Sessions
5. Wretches and Kings
6. Papercut
7. High Voltage
8. Black Birds
9. Crawling
10. Easier to Run
11. In Pieces
12. Castle of Glass

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